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PD symptoms before and during Kunime Treatment

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Video interviews with some of Dr. Constantine’s Italian patients describing their experiences with HDT

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  Monday, November 12, 2017

Addison Hyland

I have been using your products for Parkinson's Disease for over a year now. I must say, they are working. I have been cured and living normally now. Thank you. Dr. Fabien.

  Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

Simon Leonard

My dad suffered from Parkinson's for 18 years and we have traveled to many places from one hospital to another neurologist and spent thousands of dollars and even got scammed in the process, the problem still persisted. He acted weird and aggressive and this was so scary. All thanks to Kunime herbs who were able to use their herbal medicine to cure him permanently. they are honest people.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Trush Samuel

My husband was diagnosed with PD a year ago 56 years old he is slow movement, disturbed sleep, and restless legs and hands while resting (while resting in the afternoons and night time. he was my all and the symptoms were terrible, he was taking pramipexole (Sifrol), carbidopa/levodopa, and Biperiden, 2 mg. he had to stop due to side effects and started physical therapy to strengthen muscles. we tried various therapies prescribed nothing was really working. He never stopped battling it, He started on Parkinson's' disease herbal treatment from kunime herbs, my husband told me that the Dr. Fabien. I contact him on this website and I purchase the medicine.  my hubby started taking the Kunime medicine. I know that God is in control and that I need to trust him. my hubby's symptoms totally declined over 3 months of using Kunime medicine and now he leaving a healthy life of Parkinson's disease-free after finishing the treatment.

 Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mrs. Jean McFarland 
From Australia 

I am a female physician, 63 years old. I was hit with a diagnosis of Atypical Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. hope I can be of help to any sick person or any of his relatives. First, I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by my husband, my daughter, and my son through this difficult journey, cannot say that I am fully recovered, as I am still working on my asymmetry, but at least I regained autonomy and control over my own body. As a true believer, and based on the principle that God is great. Then in 2008, I started having occasional arm and leg ( left side ) jerky movements, chalking every time I eat Queerdie Stay Safe menopause. In 2009 my responses and my feelings changed, I was an energetic and sensitive woman, so for me to lose my feelings and responses was very surprising to me and to others around me, I felt numbness of joy and apathy. Started having attacks and shortening of breath, left side scalp numbness, limping of my left leg, daily nightmares, generalized muscle weakness, and inability to turn in bed, which disturbed my sleep constantly, suffered from weight loss, and I started to have an altered state of consciousness that I did not perceive, at that time I realized that I was aware of this consciousness deviation except in 2011. In 2020, I started losing my balance, having left-hand tremors, cog wheal rigidity on both sides, limping of my left leg, very small handwriting, lip tremors while drinking, hunted by all bad memories, losing words while speaking, I was getting weaker and weaker every day, weak eye muscles and incoordinate movements that led to seeing things move. Respiratory muscle and diaphragm weakness led to very shallow breathing, dripping water while drinking, and losing voice after for been shouting. I have prescribed regular treatment for been  Parkinson's disease, and this was hell on earth. I did not improve at all but on the contrary, I had all the undesirable side effects such as vomiting and insomnia, I started to read more articles about Parkinson's disease, then found this website which stated that regardless of medications, recovery is not possible because it could get more harm than good, because it could make defects in other areas, and as I had many side effects, I decided to stop all medications and give Kunime treatment a shot. With the help of GOD for my improvement, their prescription improved, and my symptoms gradually. I regained lovely now my autonomy is back to 70 % not fully but at least I can do a lot of things thanks to the wonderful Kunime treatment, My advice for the relatives of any patient. Try to switch off the adrenaline distribution, exercise in water makes the muscles move easily, support every day their faith to pray GOD never lose hope, stay away from constantly complaining people only be around funny people. These tools helped me, Thank God I am blessed and I hope to be of help to any person suffering from this disease. Courage and Patience are the keys. Awareness is the key.

 Thursday, September 23, 2021
Mrs. Morrison Carol. 
From California, US. 
I have Parkinson's disease, my specialist told me I always will. But I don't suffer from the illness anymore. And that's the difference. Despite everything medical that was going wrong for me then, my life is now back to normal. Actually, a little better than normal. I'm one of the thousands who have transformed their health but I still feel blessed. let me tell you how this turnaround happened a shock diagnosis I'd first gone to my doctor with concerns about my balance, my muscles had been feeling increasingly stiff and I'd been feeling unsteady on my feet for a long time when a friend noticed a slight shaking in my left arm I knew I had to see a doctor about it. It took several mental and physical tests for Specialists to confirm the worst but once it was confirmed I went into a state of absolute shock. The Specialist spelled out the long-term possibilities for me but however much of a positive spin he tried to put on the diagnosis, it all ended in the same place therapies, drugs, specialist care, and the never-ending falling apart that comes with a degenerative brain disease. I was on a downward slope to goodness knows what of course, now that I'm off that downward slope I feel very different about things but I admit that I went into a miserable slump. I really didn't take in much of what they were telling me. All I could see was a person old before their time, having to rely on others to help me perform even my most personal functions. I had never thought about my life ending up like that, for weeks I was just too upset to think or do anything. An overnight change then one morning I woke up and I felt completely different about it. I was angry instead, I was filled with a sense of Injustice. Why me? How did I come to deserve this? I was furious. I started to research Parkinson's disease like a person possessed and quickly discovered there's a lot of information out there too much in fact some of it is quite complex, some of it frustratingly contradictory and some of it is just plain wrong. Worst symptoms of this disease. At best, they were just delaying it. Yet that's what I wanted most to not end up with my own personal Parkinson's horror story. This is why I went headlong into my own research about my illness and eventually found my way out. After three weeks of searching, I stumbled quite a by accident on something that was the turning point in my struggle with the disease. In fact, what I found out turned my health and my life completely around. I'm going to tell you now what made the difference. I learned and then proved to myself we have choices about how this condition plays out, I wanted better than this, although I was getting worse very slowly. I was still noticing, the shaking of the hands was very real, slowness in my movements had gradually become more noticeable and I was developing other classic symptoms sleep problems, low moods, and anxiety. My sense of smells started to weaken, failure to recall how I'd spent yesterday, complete loss of recall about my own wedding, recognizing faces but not remembering names. We joke about these things and put them down to age but when there's a diagnosed condition that is actively robbing you of physical and mental abilities that's no joke at all. I knew this condition led to physical disability and also knew it led to mental disability. I was scared, to be honest. Scared to be a burden, scared to lose my ability to control my own body. Scared to watch my life deteriorating before my eyes. Thankfully none of this is going to happen which is what I want to tell you about now. So let me start by reassuring you of this. I am absolutely fine. I feel wonderful and there's a reason why. Actually, I used Kunime medicine to treat my disease, I got kunime medicine online and I noticed changes in my health not only in my present life, but it also changed my future life. Thankfully to Dr. Fabien's treatment, I'm happier and more positive than I was before I got that initial shocking diagnosis my hands no longer shake. I sleep like a lamb and I recall all the important details about my life or what I did this morning! With ease, I was able to choose with this illness. The key is Kunime medicine, wonderful quick improvements to the symptoms of my illness stiffness, shaking, anxiety, and so on, and addresses them directly. The new powerful Kunime medicine more than anything. I feel this way and it's to do with how I'm actively working on my condition, in truth, it's not magic at all, of course, the kind of turnaround I experienced here does feel like magic. Who wouldn't feel like they've experienced something miraculous when an illness like this does turn everything. It was easy to do quickly effective. It didn't cost me anything like medical bills. After succeeding with kunime medicine I still go for my checkups because as my physician tells me I can't claim to have gotten rid of the disease but we both know what the results are. Thank you so much for listening to my story, God bless you as you do.


Today would like to introduce you to our young patient. Mr. Yusuf  Tasdelen, who has been fighting Parkinson's at the age of 23, was also having arrest complaints of shaking hands and feet. Came to me for treatment. we treated him with Kunime herbal medicine.

 Tuesday, February  22, 2022

Mr. Rodrigue
From Florida

I was 65 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. However, looking back I had an unexplained stiff neck for an
extended period, starting about 4 years prior to diagnosis. I live in Deerfield Beach, FL. I went to my doctor to request an appointment with a neurologist for a second opinion. He gave me a very thorough examination (including a CT and declared and wrote in my file) that I showed no signs of Parkinson’s!!! I wanted to kiss him!! I thought I was given my life back. My left side was getting stiff and I had no swing with my left arm when walking. A couple months later I decided to go to my doctor again and request a neurologist to check my arm. Upon seeing the neurologist, he proclaimed after 5 minutes that I had PD. This was about 6 months after my original diagnosis and was even worse in that my primary wrote that I had no sign of PD!!! If it weren’t for my wonderful wife I probably would have gone into depression. I now had to face up to the fact that I had PD. At this point, I was very embarrassed and tried to avoid as much social contact as possible. I was very self-conscious. This was very difficult for my wife. My condition was worsening, I was getting very slow and my left side was very stiff. I had almost no trembling, however. I went to a neurologist who was very good and recommended that I take Azilect. It didn’t help and my condition deteriorated to the point where it was difficult for me to dress.  I continued to deteriorate. I am against medications but decided that it wasn’t fair to my wife and I decided to try Sinemet (with much trepidation). I titrated up over a month as the MD prescribed and had no positive results. This scared me. The only thing that had been keeping me hopeful all along was the information that I was daily getting from the internet. Because of the knowledge, I gained from the internet about kunime herbs. Three days later I was able to straighten my back much better and I wasn’t so stiff. When I was taking kunime medicine. This was the start of a significant improvement. Fast forward to now. I walk 40 minutes every morning with my wife and at least an additional 40 minutes each day varying with yoga, weights, and ping-pong. I’m much looser and much better in almost every way. I use kunime medicine from 3 times daily to twice with no side effects. If I can continue like this I will be quite satisfied.

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