kunime Treatment For Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson Disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors. Nerve cell damage in the brain causes dopamine levels to drop, leading to the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Parkinson's often starts with a tremor in one hand. Other symptoms are slow movement, stiffness and loss of balance. Individuals with PD have a somewhat shorter life span compared to healthy individuals of the same age group. Patients usually begin developing the disease around age 60, and many live between 10 and 20 years after being diagnosed.


Parkinson's often starts with a tremor in one hand. Other symptoms are slow movement, stiffness and loss of balance.
Tremor: can occur at rest, in the hands, limbs, or can be postural
Muscular: stiff muscles, difficulty standing, difficulty walking, difficulty with bodily movements, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination, rhythmic muscle contractions, slow bodily movement, or slow shuffling gait
Sleep: early awakening, nightmares, restless sleep, or sleep disturbances

Whole body: fatigue, dizziness, poor balance, or restlessness

Cognitive: amnesia, confusion in the evening hours, dementia, or difficulty thinking and understanding
Speech: difficulty speaking, impaired voice, soft speech, or voice box spasms
Nasal: distorted sense of smell or loss of smell
Urinary: dribbling of urine or leaking of urine
Mood: anxiety or apathy
Facial:  jaw stiffness or reduced facial expression
Also common: blank stare, choreoathetosis, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, drooling, falling, fear of falling, loss in contrast sensitivity, micrographia, neck tightness, trembling, or weight loss.

Types of Parkinson's and parkinsonism

    Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD)
    Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
    Drug-induced parkinsonism.
    Essential Tremor.
    Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)
    Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)
    Vascular (Arteriosclerotic) parkinsonism.


Parkinson's disease is caused by a protein known as alpha-synuclein, which forms aggregates within neurons, killing them eventually. The researchers have succeeded in characterizing and producing two different types of alpha-synuclein aggregates. These misfolded alpha-synuclein aggregates propagate between neurons. There is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease as such, but the Kunime mode of treatment can bring about improvement in the symptoms. The Kunime  Remedies for Parkinson’s Disease are made of natural substances and are completely safe, with no side effects.  

Kunime Anti Parkinson’s Medicine 

Kunime anti-Parkinson's medicine is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease such as muscle stiffness, tremors, spasms, and poor muscle control.
Kunime anti-Parkinson's  medicine have no side effects. It is made from pure western roots and herbs with no artificial nor chemical preservatives. It works in all ways of Parkinson disease.


Kunime anti-Parkinson's medicine is used as prescribed to each client depending on your type of diagnosis.

It is ideal for patients with excessive rigidity. The muscles get hardened, leading to extreme body stiffness. The muscles of lower limbs and back are very rigid too. Such patients have great difficulty in maintaining balance while walking. They walk slowly but have a tendency to fall easily. Another marked feature for the use of Kunime in patients of Parkinson’s Disease is great difficulty in getting up from a sitting or lying position. The patient may also experience pain in the limbs and get relief from warm applications. The trembling of hands is a very dominant symptom.

It shows wonderful effects in treating diseases of nervous origin. Kunime help for nervous and sensitive patients who get excited very easily from a sudden fear or emotions. The patients experience vigorous shaking of hands or the shaking of legs or tongue. This shaking is accompanied by excessive weakness and the condition gets worse by sudden mental excitement. The patient always feels tired, dull and drowsy. The coordination of muscles is diminished and the muscles do not work according to the person’s will. Such persons exhibit difficulty in maintaining balance while walking and the gait is very sluggish. Kunime medicine is very beneficial for patients who complain of slurring of speech. The patient has no yearning for water.

Where there is Slowness in Movement

Kunime is a very beneficial natural medicine for patients of Parkinson’s Disease with marked Bradykinesia or slowness in movement. In such patients, the body muscles work at a very slow pace and in a very sluggish manner. The patient does all the work at a very slow speed. The slowness is always accompanied by wasting or emaciation of the affected muscles. Slowness is also noted in the mind. The ability to perceive slows down and the comprehension power and memory of the affected person also get weak. There is instability while walking, leading to tottering. The hands too start trembling. The hands remain cold with trembling and withering of hand muscles. The face also gives a blank look, lacking expression.

Vigorous Trembling of Hands

Kunime is a natural medicine of great help for patients of Parkinson’s Disease with vigorous trembling of hands. The shaking of hands is present to an extreme degree. The drooling of saliva from the mouth in patients of Parkinson’s Disease can be wonderfully controlled with medicine. Trembling of the tongue with difficulty in talking may also be noticed. It is accompanied by an offensive odor emanating from the mouth. There is a general worsening of symptoms at night. All the patients requiring this medicine perspire a lot and the sweat has a very offensive odor. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is another marked feature for the use of  kunime in Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Trembling of hands, Constant Shaking of Feet

Kunime medicine is recommended for treating the tremors of hand. It provides strength to the weakened nerves and one major indication for its use is the constant movement of feet.

Lack of Control and Trembling of Hands

Kunime natural medicine for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in patients who experience trembling of hands and lack of control and balance while walking. The patient keeps on falling due to impaired balance and has a very unsteady gait. The rigidity of calf muscles is also present where the muscles in the back of the lower leg get hardened and stiff, adding to more suffering while walking. An unusual craving for sweets is noticed in patients requiring medicine.

Kunime are very effective natural remedies for Parkinson’s disease that can deal with tremors in Parkinson’s patients. The hands shake a lot while at the resting position. Kunime is a good medicine for trembling of hands that gets worse when the patient is sitting. Kunime is a natural medicine that is very beneficial for controlling the tremors that get worse from sudden emotional excitement.

Where there is Rigidity of Muscles

Kunime can prove to be natural treatments for Parkinson’s and are of great help in reducing the stiffness in body due to stiff muscles. In patients requiring Kunime, the muscles get very tight and feel shortened. Kunime is the ideal remedy for patients who complain of excessive rigidity in body while at rest, but comparatively less rigidity while walking. Such patients have difficulty in getting up after sitting for long and also in taking the first few steps initially, but the rigidity gradually lessens as the patient keeps on walking. Kunime, on the other hand, is a natural medicine that is recommended for patients where excessive rigidity gets worse while walking. The patients requiring Kunime complain of rigidity and shortening of tendons mainly in the thigh region.

Slowness in Movement

The natural medicines that are of great help in dealing with slowness in patients of Parkinson’s Disease is kunime anti Parkinson’s medicine are equally helpful but the patient is always made on the basis of the unique symptoms narrated by each individual.

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  4. Dear Doctor, aged 59 years from Erode,Tamilnadu. I developed Tremor in my right hand in the year 2021. I was put on Ropark 1 mg and Rehexy 2 mg. There’s neither improvement nor deterioration. I underwent Trodact pet scan and it was diagnosed that I am in the 4th stage of Parkinson’s. I am doing all my work on my own and I don’t understand how I am in 4th stage. I would like to know whether kunime treatment can be any help.

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