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Welcome to Kunime Herbs where you can buy the highest quality healing herbs right online! We are your source for herbal remedies and natural supplements using the highest quality lab tests. We formulate the most effective herbal products on the market using ancient and modern research to bring you the best herbal remedies and natural supplements possible.

This site is to inform patients and practitioners about the promising opportunities offered by a novel therapy based on kunime anti-Parkinson's medicine, devised by Dr. Fabien Constantine and his group, to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, as well as those of several other neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases listed below.

Clinical observation of patients suffering from a number of autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases such as

  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Essential Tremor,
  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2,
  • Huntington's Disease,
  • Cluster Headache,

Dr. Constantine, together with Dr. Roberto Fancellu (Neurologist), and Ms. Maria Pala (Nurse), began to methodically research the effects of kunime herbs in patients suffering from various neurodegenerative diseases.

The result of this work has been documented in several peer-reviewed articles published in major case-report journals between 2013 and today. These articles discuss this research and how we refined the treatment further. More than a dozen papers have been published by Dr. Constantine’s group to date, and our work continues.

To date, more than 2,500 patients who are affected by Parkinson’s and various other neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases have relieved their symptoms, sometimes dramatically, using kunime herbs in addition to classic medical treatments for their disease.

We source our own ingredients to ensure only lab-tested, high-quality natural herbs are used in our products. Our remedies and supplements are made in the USA and Germany with clear, straightforward directions.
I have had questions about why it has no side effects they get from western medicines and do not produce a cure. I deeply appreciate such questions and answer in all sincerity. When we talk about herbal medicine, we refer to a treatment modality using the inherent healing properties of plants as medicine. The parts of the plant used include roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, stems, and indeed the whole plant depending on the herb. Without doubts, from the records of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians, and other great cultures of the world, herbal medicine remains the oldest medicine for millennia. It is on record that over 90% of the world’s population uses herbal remedies as part of their health care. Using herbs is not strange, but to get the best from these plants requires specialized knowledge which may take years to achieve.
      The stem of herbs                                                  Blended herbal seeds                                           Roots of herbal plant 
While it is safe to use herbs, I must point out that when there are not prescribed by a specialist it becomes dangerous to health. Many herbs may contain high levels of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. So it is important to purchase herbal medicines or supplements from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and results.

While it is safe to use herbs, I must point out that when there are not prescribed by a specialist it becomes dangerous to health. Many herbs may contain high levels of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. So it is important to purchase herbal medicines or supplements from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and results.

The Power Of Natura Herbs
Over the years, humans have come to the realization that no matter how they try, the law and power of nature cannot be uttered. Science has done well over these years, but it is natural to have the Sunrise and set; to have fishes live, survive and thrive in water, and to have humans live on oxygen. These are natural phenomena. We can only learn to use them for ourselves either for good or bad, but we cannot alter their powers and strength. Just like Herbs, how we chose to use them determines the result we get from them.

Active ingredients found in herbs are supported by synergistic actions of all its other chemical constituents. This synergy allows the herb to exert its therapeutic effects and at the same time remove the potential for unwanted side effects. Herbs are medicines with many actions available in a single plant. This is quite different from pharmaceutical formulations that commonly have one action and combined chemicals that react negatively to their users.

Our medicine is designed to alleviate symptoms and strengthen body systems. I believe that the body is continually striving for balance and that natural herbs can support this process by restoring balance and increasing vitality which brings about increased energy, improved health,  and a greater sense of well-being.

While it is safe to use herbs, I must point out that when there are not prescribed by a specialist it becomes dangerous to health. Many herbs may contain high levels of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. So it is important to purchase herbal medicines or supplements from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and results.

We believe in treating the person, not just the disease. The goal is the total restoration of health. A “Cure” is the total removal of disease symptoms and the rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health. Without side effects, the damages of chemical dependence or the suppression of the body’s own natural ability to heal.

A lot of people out there have been discouraged from “nature” they have been warned and threatened by western doctors not to have any dealing with herbal medications. They have raised fear and apprehension to enslave humans in the chains of chemicals of English medications. Most Parkinson's patients have lived with such fears for decades. They denied their selves the love of mother nature through herbs.

They have lived and become addicted to western medications. Most who hate "nature cure" fail to look inward and ask objective questions. They willingly become blinded to the power within and refuse to push the bottom of courage on which life breakthrough decisions are anchored on. Most of them who fear herbal meditation, fail to ask: If western doctors can provide treatment for decades with chemical drugs, what stops them from providing a cure?  Why should I keep buying drugs for control, instead of a cure? The answer is quite a simple one. “A patient cured is profit lost.” We all know this fact, but fear has kept most patients as medical experimental puppets whose precious life is used to try western pharmaceuticals.  

Kunime product is made of different herbs, I send out a questionnaire to a prospective patient who contacts me. These questions are meant to obtain the health information of our patient if our patient is allergic. All these processes help us to produce herbal medicine in line with our patient health information.

Note: If you want more information about kunime medicine, email


Treatment For Parkinson's Disease

Kunime anti-Parkinson's herbal medicine is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease such as muscle stiffness, tremors, spasms, and poor muscle control.
  • Kunime anti-Parkinson's herbal medicine has no side effects. It is made from pure western roots and herbs with no artificial or chemical preservatives. It works in all ways for Parkinson’s disease.



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Ian Oury Delpérier

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Angelina Morris

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Published Study Articles

Published research study articles on the use of Kunime Anti Parkinson's Medicine with Dr. Constantine as primary author. PLEASE NOTE: Article copies downloaded from this page are for personal use only. If it is important to your purpose that your downloaded article copy is suitable for all the uses PubMed allows, we strongly recommend that …

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 Friday, February 16, 2018

Stacey Naves

Thank you for the quick delivery of our order this week. We could not get over it, FedEx was at our door, at 9:10 in the morning. Thank you for your information and quality products. My dad has ordered from you. Recently, he had a health scare (he's 89) and I asked him what treatment he would use. His very definite answer was" I'll stick with the herbal healer, I trust him and your products." That says it all for me, too. Thanks again and God bless.

  Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Family Sileymanova

My grandma has Parkinson's disease, she is about, 69 years old. it's getting more difficult for her, because of her stiff muscles she can't even move. L- dopa and carbidopa medicines are given, but won't give much relief. She can't eat food and the skin is damaged forming ganglia. when I was researching online. I came across testimonials for someone free from Parkinson's disease, I was interested in the medicine, she used for her Parkinson's disease. I contacted doctor Fabien about the Kunime medicine... I discussed it with my grandmother and will place an order for the product, my grandma used the medicine for months, what a relief. she can move well, and she can do things on her own... I don't know what I would have done without this medicine, my grandma is completely free from Parkinson's disease. She can eat very well now. I am very happy that my grandma is completely cured of Parkinson's disease.



Money-Back Guarantee! 

Kunime is not an experimental herbal medicine. Our claims are documented and verifiable through testimonies of past and present users. We provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee for Kunime medicine failure, provided all attached protocols to use are observed. We ensure money spent on purchases is refunded.

We don't just send Kunime herbs, we also provide moral support all through the time of using Kunime herbs. We stay in touch through email, to ensure that all protocols are being observed while using our Herbal medication We also prescribe other natural methods (exercise) that enhance and hasten the healing. 

We don't only provide the best products to our valuable
patients but also provide value-added services which include home delivery of the ordered products, expert advice, 24/7 online customer services, and a lot more. You can sit at home and order the desired product by simply logging on to our website and letting us do the rest. We will deliver you the desired product within 4-5 working days. 

Your money is in safe hands when it comes to shopping from our online service because we provide full value for money and you are going to be so satisfied with the product itself that you will forget the amount that you spent while purchasing the products. At the end of the day, what matters the most is what you get out of what you paid. If you are going to get results in the form of better health then you sure are going to fall in love with our products.

It is our policy to provide safe, quality products and services that conform to the demands and requirements of our customers. It is our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction - strive for excellence and continual improvement in all spheres.                                                                 


  1. My mom was diagnosed with ALS on 1 year ago and the symptoms progressed so very fast that i couldn't do anything. she had tripping, dropping, abnormal fatigue of her leg, slurred speech, muscle cramps and twitches. I was very depressed. I couldn't resist it than to go deep into research for a cure.. It is absolutely killing me to know she can't do that again. She is terrified of what is to come. I saw a testimony post concerning a lady who once had ALS disease but was reserved using Kunime Herbal product. my mom used it as instructed for 3 weeks, during the 1 month of usage, all her symptoms disappeared. This is more than a miracle, I just can't believe her life is back again. Please lets share this to help others. Thank you Dr Fabien Constantine

  2. My husband have PD I need help Dr Fabien for herbal medicine or supplements

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. Please send me a text

  3. My son was diagnosed in October 2017 at the age of just 28. To be honest he's not in a good way. Don't rexally know how to help him. He's drinking heavily and now admits to using cocaine. He thinks his life is over and no matter how much we talk I can't shake him from this idea. He's very anxious and struggles to do normal things. A friend of my told me about herbal treatment that help his wife Parkinson’s disease and get cured Miraculously after using Kunime herbs anti Parkinson’s herbal medicine. I was so interested in the medicine, how it works. I contact doctor Fabien and explain. I get the Kunime herbs for my son and he use it 5/6 months, Wow I’m so happy, he is now so positive and motivated with life. for over a year now no symptoms of Parkinson’s.. he stop doing drugs and go to work/ school. I’m so shock to see him leaving normal, the herbal treatment is very effective. I am overwhelmed with joy. Thanks 🙏🏻 Dr. Fabien

  4. Hi Dr, Since I started with the Parkinson Disease treatment, kunime herbs I'm happy to report feeling better overall, the tremors seized, more energy and better coping with everyday life. And I feels good afterwards, I feel much more optimistic about my life, thanks a lot! Sincerely 🙏

  5. I was diagnosed in November 2007 with Parkinson's Disease. I have left side tremors, balance and gait issues and some non-motor symptoms:  quiet voice, some cognitive decline, small handwriting. I am currently on Sinemet for tremors and Cymbalta for neuropathy related to diabetes and previous chemotherapy. It was on my 25th anniversary of surviving breast cancer that I got the PD diagnosis. I am 69, retired, single woman sharing a house with my sister.  I like to read, quilt, and crochet. I have been reading up on PD.  Until I read too much and it scares me.  Then I put it away until I calm down and can research it some more. I need advice and some direction. I searched further, visited Parkinson’s websites, blogs. I find info about someone having the same symptoms. I was really determined. Fortunately for me, I stumbled on a testimony of someone who had Parkinson’s for several years and was cured through Herbal medication. I read awesome stories of people whose condition were worse. I was not a fan of Herbal Medication, because I once believed that they have not researched it enough. But due to numerous testimonies  I was more than willing to try it…. I contacted  Dr. Fabien, and I purchased the medicine and used just the way doctor instructed. Its a thing of joy to come back and make my review.. It became a miracle for me within 7 months. The herbal medication worked without any trace of side effects on I’m…. totally free. I have been cured for Parkinson’s. I was a shocking experience with the medicine. I never knew I will be free for Parkinson’s disease. 


  6. My father had Parkinson disease for a long period of time, last year he started telling me his hallucinates. but known seems to work. I have tried so many remedy, med’s, Its gotten to the point where he been through every cycle of the same major medications and they havent been helping like they used to. I had contact with a herbal doctor who i saw so many people testifying on how they were cured of Parkinson disease by Kunime herbs 🌿. So i explained my dad entire problem to him. So i gave him all benefit of doubt, and I order the medicine and send it to me in my country. Today, i am proud to say my father is now Parkinson disease free, and his life has been restored to normal. God bless doctor Fabien.

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